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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Product Review: For Sunday, August, 01, 2010

-Gear Review-
Perhaps the greatest lesson I have learned with my youthful age, is this:
Only a few things in life, really count.
And Perhaps, Only a few things in life are really worthwhile.
Many men have gone to the grave unhappy, with their "purses" overbearing, fame, wealth, fortune. Nice things, great accomplishments, and success. 
But what is this success we speak of?
And does it count?
Does it really last?
As I previously stated, Only a few things really last.
And perhaps one of the greatest,
Is friendship.
Id like to consider this, not a product review, but more of a profile of a man who has found great wealth in his life, outside of material possessions. He has found success in higher things, than the norm in which success is measured.
This man is none other than:
Timothy Horner
Of Irideus Products

Hometown of Morro Bay, California, he has strong roots in The Last great wilderness of Alaska.
He describes himself as(quote),"A honest, humble, Loving Family Man, whose on track."
Id like to add, "Passionate, hardworking, driven, ambitious, considerate and very innovative"
I honestly Could not begin to even describe with words,
on a blog,
the quality of service Tim of Irideus products offers.
It is simply the best.
Tim is the founder, and owner of Irideus Steelhead products.
A company with more in mind.
A higher vision.
And A greater plan.

With every hand assembled box, his vision is clear.
Our rivers.
And the fish that inhabit them.

I exclusively use, and HIGHLY RECCOMEND Irideus Products.
Not only does he offer high quality products, but he offers value, 
and the best of service.

I have never had a complaint about ANY of his products,
and my clients are always commenting,
on how COOL they are. 
And when they here the value, and what Irideus stands for,
they nearly mess their waders!
Fisher chicks dig my boxes.
What can I say.
They are sleek.
They are Sexy.
And will hold anything from 28 Zebra midges,
to #2/0 Clouser Minnows.

Hes got something for everything.
Not just you chrome chasers,
salmon bruisers,
and spey casters.

Theres always auctions running on ebay,
with super deals.

Id say if you dont have at least one,
your missing out.
And if you only have one, you either dont have enough flies(IN WHICH TIM OF IRIDEUS WILL HOOK YOU UP WITH TOO!),
or your standards are set way too low.

Check em out.

This message has been approved by The Original Trout-Bumz of the Cumberland.

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