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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wolf Creek National Fish Hatchery Annual Catch A Smile Seniors Fishing Derby

 Oh, what a fun day today!!! A big turnout!!! Made so many cool new friends!
Now to figure out when to make time to start going to the senior center!!!

The stories they had to tell were amazing :)

Wolf Creek National Fish Hatchery Annual Catch A Smile Fishing Derby

"Catch A Smile" Senior Fishing Derby:

This event is held for seniors ages 62 & older. Pre-registration isn't necessary, but is encouraged. Participants that attend this event will be provided lunch, as well as having their name in the drawing for several prizes.

3rd Annual "Catch A Smile"
Senior Fishing Derby
will be held on
Tuesday, September 28, 2010
from 9:00 a.m. til 12:00 noon.

 Try To stop On by if you get a chance. We would love to have you today!
If this is your first time to see the hatchery, you can see the amazing hard work that goes into this great program!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Sept 2010:Friday 24th-Sunday 26th SPECIAL BULLETIN!

Flows Holding Around 3,500 CFS
Sluicing Around The Clocks
Water Clarity:2of5
Average Temperature:Around 60degrees

Special Bulletin.
Fished Friday spanked em. Midges, P.T. Nymphs, and Princes.
Saturday. Eggs.
Not very much of a purist eh?
Water looked like chocolate milk sat. and sun.
Overall...lots of fish landed Friday.
Saw pictures of a 25" Brown taken below Rockhouse 2 weeks ago. Good friend hooked a very Large raibow at Kendall.
If the water wasn't so damned murky, the fishing would be perfect.
Be care out on the water. Shoals are only a few feet under. In some places, not even a foot!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fishing Report: Cumberland River Week of 09-12-10 through 09-018-10

AVERAGE # OF GENERATORS: Sluices around clock

The rivers been holding around 60degrees all week. I do appologize to my followers for the lack of content on my blog. Do remember that I am learning everyday both on the business aspect and the fishing aspect. I have been out on the boat 1 time in the last week. Fishing was ok from the boat. We dropped anchor at Ray Mann Road, and several other of my "Secret" spots...That day we landed one nice Brown(I was unable to photograph due to butterfingers), and a slew of rainbows. The water was very fishy, its was just hard to make a proper presentation because of the fast water...Good news is the river will be back to low generations soons, with no forcasts of rain in the future...

Brown trout are starting to show up on the shoals! It won't be long, until they start to get very aggresive...I was on the river a total of 5 times in the last week, minus the one boat trip. Jeff Powers CEO of the AB&C program(Always believing in childern), member of the Russell County Chamber of Commerce, and Friends of Fish Hatchery Group, made a connection to me, with a now favorite fishing buddy. We got out alot this past week, and done alot of boat-less fishing. I could not count the number of fish that we landed, but lets just say, that we caught atleast one of everything! We saw a wide spectrum of game fish, Walleye, Both Species of Trout, and even a Lively little striper. We even got in on some of the "Trash" fish of the Cumberland. I preformed a study on the specimens we kept. Of these, the two were Freshwater Drum, and Sucker. Studies concluded the Drum, may provide little if any competition to trout. The like to hug bottom, and eat the crap out of Crawfish. Sucker on the other hand, do not have stomach cavaties, which means Im sure they eat their weight in food each day. They are filter feeders, and apparently do not possess imminent competition to trout.

On the other hand, I got out today and fished below Rock house, at the first big know the one...I landed more fish today, than I could keep track of. I was fishing a 3 nymph rig...Composing of a size 14 Pheasant tail, a size 16 Prince, and a size 20 zebra midge. Equal numbers of fish were taken on each fly...

Water will be back low in the next 2 days. Get out there. Its hot right now...

Nightcrawlers On Bottom
Rapala Shad Raps, and Husky Jerks
Rebel Crawdad Cranks
Marabou Jigs
Inline Spinners

If you want to catch alot of fish Nymph....
Pheasant Tails
Zebra Midges and WD40s Early And Late
If youd rather not piss with the smaller fish...try a streamer...
Woolly Buggers
Zoo Cougars

If you should need anything, or have any questions concerning the river, lodging, hospitality, or attractions...please contact me...
God Bless

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fishing Report: Cumberland River Week of 09-05-10 through 09-011-10

AVERAGE RIVER TEMPERATURE: Been jumping up and down. The highest Ive saw it was 61. Been averaging 58.
Average Generation for last week: 10,000 Cubes. 4 sluices 1 generator all week. Slowed down at end of week to 2,000 cubes.

Got out twice last week. Early in the week guide trip. Fishing was ok. Landed close to 20 stocker rainbows, and a small brown. Water was up that day, shoals a couple of feet under water during 10,000 CFS. Got out again at the end of the week when they lowered the generation. Did some bank fishing at Kendall park. Caught everything from Brown Trout to Drum. Fishing was great. A few nice walleye. Kept a mess of Walleye and Drum. Never had eaten drum before, but they make excellent tablefare. I could not tell the walleye from the drum :) It is Saturday morning and we had a system to move in yesterday. Lots of rain yesterday, and lasnight. Hoping it will cuttoff today. Looks like the TVA's Generating around 2,000 as we speak. Have a striper trip this week. Going to fish From about mile 8-Winfreys ferry. Been a productive stretch this year for striper. Especially from rockhouse to rainbow run. Baitfishing buddies catching nice striper consistently around structure early in the morning and late in the evening. Your shad imitations should be 4-6" long. Anything bigger is really not neccesary unless you are fishing mid day in deep water. Then we are fishing 6" angelhair streamers with doll eyes and lots of flash. Catching LOTS of walleye/sauger right now. Thinking it has something to do with all the rain??? Trout fishing is fair. Seeing alot of fish up to 15", just not much of anything bigger. Can't wait til fall!
If you need anything or have concerns if your planning on fishing this week contact me. Be sure to check generation schedules as I don't know what kind of rain we will be getting the rest of weekend.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Fishing Soon!

The lake is dropping a little under a foot a day. The river should be up and fishing within another week or so! Until then we will be cleaning the boat/truck, getting rods ready, and tying flies.
Won't be long until the big brown trout start their aggressive feeding! Fall is here. Lets pray for a dryer season...

Generating Schedule
On September 3, 2010 the Lake Cumberland headwater elevation is 684.86 ft.  There will be 1 generator operating from midnight until midnight.   4 sluice gates will be open for 24 hours.  This schedule is subject to change without notice
Average Generation: 9,820 CFS
Water Clarity:Stained
Average Temperature: 58-62°F At Rowena

If you will be fishing the Cumberland in the next week or so try the following:
Think Flash. The water is up and murky.

Gear Guys, the waters perfect for you all.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Trout-Bum of The Week August 29th-Sept 4th 2010: Joe McDonald

This weeks Trout-Bum, Is a very special newly accquainted friend of mine. He currently resides in Origone, but his roots are deeply planted in the foothills of Misery(Misourri). Joe is  fishing the Grande Ronde River in Oregon right now, But he can be found most any where there are gamefish species capable of being caught on the fly. He is passionate about traditional fly casting, however he has a sweet tooth for a finely tuned spey outfit. His favorite specimens are Oncorhynchus, Salmo, Salvelinus, and Thymallus. and his favorite rod manufacturer is G-Loomis. Joe has been kind to me in the short time that I have known him. Thanks for your friendship, and hopefully we'll one day share the same waters!!!