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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fishing Report: Cumberland River Week of 08-08-10 through 08-14-10

AVERAGE # OF GENERATORS: Sluices around clock

Im going to start by saying, that if your on Our River, remember to take care of yourself. PLEASE forget the sodas, and soft drinks at home. DRINK LOTS OF WATER. Sodas contain sodiums that can actually dehdyrate you faster. DRINK LOTS OF WATER! If your reading our blog, and fishing on our river we care about you.REMEMBER IT IS ILLEGIAL IN THE STATE OF KENTUCKY TO BOAT WHILE INTOXICATED. !!! DON'T BE A DUMMY!!!
The river is currently at the what one would imagine to be perfect conditions for both fly and spin fishing, however in the real world of fishing, that perfect condition, is as far fetched as chasing Rainbows. We fish for more of a reason, than the catching. If one waited for perfect conditions(especially on our river), one would never fish! Remember its not televesion! The truth is, if your going to be on the Cumberland River, now is the time to be. Sure, I am a guide who is hungry for business...but that is not the intent of this blog. The intent is to inform, not to advertise :) Water clarity on a scale of 1-10 is a 6 in most places, however murkier tainted water seems to develop in spells. Common knowledge, fast water=clearer water. THE WATER IS NOT THE CLEAREST. So Your best bet is to fish pocket water, eddies, swirls, mouths of creeks/spring(If you can find em), and at the heads/tails of runs/riffles. Woolly Buggers seem to be doing the trick. HAVE HAD ALOT OF AGGRESSIVE CHASERS, CHASING STREAMERS RIGHT TO BOAT! Fish them shallow until about 10:00am then keep adding split shot as the day progresses. Dont be afraid to try other patterns.  Most shoals are slightly unexposed, however they will not interfere with safe travel down the river. The water is shallow right now, with shoals not being more than a couple feet under water. Remember be careful during low water periods. Slow down, during periods of low generation. The Cumberland River can be a very treacherous river to navigate if you are unfamiliar with the waters. If you are uncomfortable wear a PFD. Always abide by Ky safe boating laws.
NOTICE: PLEASE REMEMBER THE PROTECTIVE 15"-20" on Rainbow Trout. Also Remember if the Brown Trout is under 20" it MUST BE IMMEDIATELY RELEASED!
Thanks, and Safe Waters!
Suggested Methods of Fishing:
Fish Eddies, pools, and at the heads/tails of runs/riffles.
TRY TO GET IN ON THE "Chutes" on the shoals...i.e. deeper water usually at the outside bend. Fishing these "Chutes" has been an almost 100% success, at every one.

Spinning Tackle:
Shad Raps
Yo Zuri Minnows
Assorted Spoons
Super Dupers
Rapala Husky Jerks and/or Rapalas floating/suspended( TRY A CRAYFISH COLOR;p)
Live Bait
Fly Fishing:
Early In the Morning(Before 9:00 A.M.) and Late in The Evening(after 6:00ish)
Prince Nymphs #14-18
Copper Johns #16-20(Any Color. Copper, Black, and Red seem to do the trick. Copper/Black=Small Mayfly or Tiny Stone Nymphs Red seems to match the Midge Larvae possibly.
GRHE #14-18 (Any Variation/Color)
Pheasant Tails #14-18 (Again, Any Variation. Focus on Presentation)
Zebra Midges#16-22(Fished as A Trailer Behind Prince, GRHE, Or PT.)
Wd-40 Midges#16-22(With or W/o Beadhead)

AFTER 9/10:00ish,
Tie on the 1x 7' Leaders, and start Chuckin meat.
Ugly Bug #6 (Basic Stonefly Imitation. Dead Drift it, in a "Wet Fly Swing Presentation"
Kaufmanss Stone #6-10 (Try Beadhead with Rubberlegs.)
Wooly Buggers #6-10 (Match Color to Water Clarity. Try flashy variations.)
Barrs Slumpbuster #6-10 (When things get really slow, Ill tie one of these on, and then you add in walleye/sauger. Try black or olive)
Double Bunny #2-6 (Believe it or not, In deeper water...Striper. Fish it on structure. Angry brown trout=Territorial fish. Look for hard hits. Be ready.)

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